sciatic pain healed

I can’t say that I have many significant times that stand out to me of clear healings, but earlier this year, I experienced a big one! During my pregnancy in 2019, I had some terrible sciatic nerve pain to the point where it felt debilitating to even walk much. Our son was born about a month early, and to my dismay, the sciatic pain remained. Although at times it seemed better, I really was just learning to “live with it.” After several months, I had come to the point where I had had enough. I went forward one Sunday morning and asked the prayer team to pray for it and remember saying something to the effect of, “It needs to go.” I didn’t feel anything unusual that day, and the discomfort lingered a little longer, but as time went on, I realized that it was completely gone. What a blessing! Praise God, our Healer! ♡ – Rebecca