Hands healed!

For several years I have had severe pain in the joints in my hands. The pain also caused weakness to the point that there were days when I could not even grip the lid on a bottle of pop tight enough to open it. Even picking up small a item was very painful if not sometimes impossible. I work in an auto body shop so I use my hands constantly and many days I would have to take several Aleve to make doing my job tolerable. Two Sundays ago I came to Lifepointe like any other Sunday other than my hands were bothering me more than normal. Through out the service I found myself rubbing the joints in my hands several times. I thought to myself as I always have, Its just the price of getting older and being so hard on my hands my whole life. I never thought the pain would go away and sadly I never prayed for it to go away. Near the end of worship Drew prayed for healing and in that moment the pain instantly disappeared. I have full strength back in my hands and the pain is completely gone. Jehovah Rapha!!!