Shoulder healed

26 days ago I was kayaking with my children on a very windy day. We were having trouble controlling the kayak, and it capsized twice. I tried to pull the waterlogged kayak back up on the dock, and I was not strong enough. I kept trying to pull it up out of the water to no avail.

The next morning I woke up and my right shoulder was in major pain. I had no range of motion, and even using my right hand to hold my phone up caused pain. This continued for 26 days. Today I woke up in pain and stiff, and prayed for healing. The Holy Spirit said that it would pop when it was healed. I exercised today, and couldn’t do a simple program that is usually very easy with my right shoulder. At lunch, I showed my husband how I could not stretch my arm across my body like I could with the left and thought I might need to go to the doctor since I’ve never had an injury last this long. At 1pm I had a FaceTime phone call with a friend. We chatted for an hour, and when we were saying our goodbyes I felt that I should ask her to pray. As soon as she started praying I started tearing up and started moving my arm and it was getting better!! It was popping and cracking all the way from my wrist to my shoulder!! And I had range of motion and could move it across my body, which hurt to do just an hour and a half before!!! There is a little stiffness still but no pain!! Praise the Lord!! He is SO good!!!!