my diverticulitis was healed!

Last fall I started feeling sick. I wasn’t sure what it was because it was like nothing I had felt before. My doctor thought it was my gallbladder and scheduled an ultrasound but that came back negative-my gallbladder was fine. I continued to feel sick and it was getting worse each day. I had some other tests scheduled but in the meantime my doctor decided to do a CT scan. The results came back that day. I had diverticulitis.  My doctor explained this is a condition where your colon is diseased.  There is no cure and if I had 3 episodes in one year I would have surgery to remove that section of my colon. The risks were that it could rupture leaving me either with a colostomy or in extreme cases even death. I began a series of antibiotics but only 3 months later I was sick again. Another CT showed diverticulitis again, this time in various stages of healing and scarring. My doctor said he was sure I was headed for surgery as this was 2 episodes in only 3 months . We scheduled an appt with the surgeon and a second series of antibiotics.  A couple days before the appointment with the surgeon I was at work and saw a notification on my phone that midweek prayer was live. I decided to see what was happening even though I was at work! The moment I looked I saw Drew praying.  The words on my screen said he was praying for this one who had diverticulitis who was going to see a surgeon soon. He prayed for good news and healing. I showed my co-worker who is also a Christian. She said It was meant to be that I see those words. A couple days later I met with the surgeon.  He said he had read my chart and reviewed the CTs and we could plan for surgery now or later. If I chose to wait I had to promise to contact my doctor immediately at the first sign of illness or go to the ER. He stated the same thing my doctor had, that this could rupture and we would have big problems.  About a month later I was sick again, only this felt different. I did have an upset stomach but not the pain or severe symptoms as before. I went to see my doctor as promised.  He said I’m sure you are headed to surgery- the diverticulitis is back . He decided to test me for COVID as well as another CT. The COVID test results came back first.  It was positive! The CT results came later that day, it was negative! No sign of diverticulitis, no sign of scarring . It was gone! I was told this doesn’t happen, and that there is no cure —–but God had other plans for me!