melanoma healed!

I have been blessed, healed, and loved by our heavenly father! I was at the doctor’s office in December and they noticed a growth on my face. The doctor said she was concerned about skin cancer, so I had a biopsy. About ten days later the results came back and it was melanoma. My doctor called me to say they would have to remove it and would need to cut an orange-sized incision in my face to be sure they get everything, then I would go to another doctor to have it sewed up. She said my face would be very swollen and painful for a few weeks, and after the incision healed I would need plastic surgery because my face would be deformed. 

I immediately told some family and friends, and prayed for healing. Pastor Drew and Tanya also prayed. My family and friends were devastated. They all asked me if I was worried about it or concerned the cancer would spread. The prayers continued. Weeks went by and I had more testing done, a chest x-ray, colonoscopy, cat scan, blood tests, and others. They were looking to see if the cancer had spread. The test results started coming back and all were NEGATIVE! My doctor was amazed. My cancer was gone!

I am loved by God and have been so blessed. Coming to this church for the past year has made me a different person and I have grown so much as a believer. I’m so thankful for everyone here and the pastors. This is a healing church. I believe God heard the prayers of all who prayed for me! I love this place. I call it the healing house. Praise the Lord!