live the message!

LIVE THE MESSAGE is our church’s current motto. The idea behind it is to live our lives as Christians so that Sunday morning flows seemlessly into just as much faith, grace, and joy on Monday morning. LIVE THE MESS …is often where we honestly find ourselves. As a stay-at-home mom, I’m all too familiar with messy life and often let my focus be on the emotional laundry heap of daily life.  My …AGE creeps up on me and I complain that I’m too old to _____________ (fill in the blank), and I’d really rather LIVE THE MASSAGE of an easier life. But Jesus gave His life that each of His followers could truly LIVE! an abundant life, both here on earth and with Him for eternity. That’s why each moment of our daily heartbeat should reflect the true meaning of THE MESSAGE!  In the original language, the phrase “gospel” or “good news” can be translated as “the news that is so amazing that it seems too good to be true.” Thank you, Jesus!