I’ve had issues off and on over the last month or so with pressure and congestion in my ears that have affected my hearing as well as causing some vertigo. This past Saturday was the worst. I couldn’t even close my eyes while sitting up in a chair without the room spinning and it was making me feel sick. I laid down and was listening to healing scriptures being played from online and  I got this revelation of The Word truly being health to all my flesh. After about an hour of that the symptoms were subsiding so I sat up and started praising God for his faithfulness. The song “God so loved” came to mind so I hit the play list and began singing that song and with hands raised, my head back and my eyes closed I danced. By the time the song was over every symptoms were gone!  The word of God is truly alive and mixed with praise is powerful!! I’ve been believing God for manifestation of greater healing in my body and this increased my faith to really go after it! All glory to God!