healed of gluten intolerance!

When Dr. Ted and Jana Sawchuk were at LifePointe sharing about healing it was a great weekend! That Sunday morning after service I stopped by the store to grab a few things. While going down the cereal isle, I noticed a box of Raisin Bran. I was thinking about how much I would enjoy eating some. However I have been gluten free for years due to stomach issues. I shrugged and was walking past when I felt like I heard the Lord say ” you can have that, I have healed you of all that.” I was honestly thinking I had heard wrong but couldn’t quite shake that I should buy the cereal. I decided to take a leap and bought the cereal. That afternoon I ate some different food that was not gluten free. We went to the Sunday evening service and at the  end when leaders were praying for people one of the leaders said she heard from the Lord that there was healing for people with gluten sensitivities and food allergies in general. I got goose bumps and thought it would be a good idea to go forward. I shared what happened that morning and she prayed for me. I am beyond excited to say I have been eating all kinds of food with gluten since that night and am doing well! I have had a few moments of pain but prayed over it and it has gone away. It has been 6 weeks! Praise God.