healed of fatty liver disease

I want to share with you a story of God’s goodness. I had been praying, seeking and fighting my battle for a little over two years. In November of 2018, I went in for a physical to be approved for some life insurance. One of my liver test results, GGT, was higher than normal. The life insurance company didn’t seem concerned. I, however, wasn’t at peace knowing that one of my results wasn’t normal, so I took my concern to my primary doctor. I had my level retested by her months later. 

The test results came back with a level that was even higher! The next step involved an ultrasound of my liver. The results were not what I was praying and hoping for. I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease. Knowing how important your liver is for your body to function correctly, I was instantly struck with fear and worry to the point where I couldn’t function. It was such a hard place because I knew this disease and fear was not from God and no matter how much I tried to overcome this fear, it kept pushing back. 

I love worship music, so I took worship with me to fight this battle. I was fighting not only a battle for my life, but a battle in my mind. I started doing my own research on what I could do, on my part, to regain my health. My lifestyle had to change even more, and that day I started yet another new adventure. I turned to God to fight my battle and to guide me towards regaining my health and my life. I was 100% determined to fight and not let my thoughts and fear paralyze me any longer. 

The changes I felt God leading me to have not been easy, but I kept fighting every day! I knew God could heal me if it was His will for my life, but I wanted to do everything I could to fulfill my part. I never wanted to relegate God to be some sort of genie. I felt that if I wanted healing of my body, I needed to do my part too. 

I had to have bloodwork done every 6 months to recheck my GGT level. I kept fighting and praising God through the storm. The tests revealed that my GGT level was going down, which is always a good sign.

One of my 6 month blood draws was due, so I went in like normal. My test results showed that my values had risen again. Hearing these results made me very frustrated at myself; I felt like I was failing on my part even though there was nothing else I could do. I knew that I had to place all my trust in God regarding my life. 

My doctor wanted to send me to a G.I. Specialist. Upon hearing that news, the fear instantly reappeared in my life. I had to remind myself that God’s will for my life would be done. I met with the specialist and she ordered a panel of new bloodwork as well as another ultrasound of my liver. 

I went in for my liver ultrasound on December 18, 2020. Praying was all I could do. I said, “ God, It may look like I am surrounded but I’m surrounded by You. I surrender to you.” This was one of the many declarations of praise and worship that I had been declaring over my life the last two years. I came home to wait for 

the doctor to call me with the results. I wasn’t expecting to hear anything for a few days since it was a Friday afternoon. 

I got the call from the specialist just a couple of hours after the ultrasound… my mind went to the worst as to why they were calling me so soon. She already had the results from my blood work and ultrasound! The words out of the nurses mouth were the sweetest sound I have ever heard. She went on to say all my blood tests came back negative and my ultrasound showed a normal, healthy liver and spleen! I no longer had Fatty Liver Disease! A wave of peace rushed over my family and I and we stood in our living room hugging, crying and thanking God for His goodness! It was celebration time! God gave me wisdom, healed me and made my liver new again! 

Please let my story be encouragement for you! If you need healing, place your trust in Him, ask Him to show you what you can do for your part and leave the rest in His perfect plan for your life. My life has been forever changed by the healing power of God!