an encouraging word from the lord

Several weeks ago a series  of events led me to reach out to friends who have been overseas for nearly 30 years as missionaries. We have not talked in quite some time and as a result of some events taking place here in the U.S. felt they needed to hear from me.  We talked for 35-40 minutes and as the conversation began to wind down, I conveyed to them that they were not forgotten, that they were not alone and that they have a legacy left here in the U.S. just as they were leaving there in the Ukraine. When I finished the sentence my friend  said to me that this call was no coincidence . He said for the past few weeks they have been discouraged, feeling alone, and forgotten. The two were glad to have me make the call and that what had been placed on my heart was exactly what they needed to hear. I was overwhelmed by the event to think God used me to strengthen weary hands halfway around the world, and that can happen possibly everyday here, at home, at work or wherever I go.